The Bulking Start...

By: Lau Wei

The new "E-service" launched solely by BulkSG will be a revolutionary breakthrough for the E-commerce and Online Commerce industry. The first in the world "E-service" will be tested hyper-locally here in Singapore, before expanding across South-east Asia. The all-new BulkSG's "E-service" ecosystem aims to empower small and medium sized professionally-qualified offline service providers by bringing the culmination of convenience, like never done before.




Introducing... E-services*



*E-service is the short for 'Electronic Services".*


Let's talk about E-commerce industry first, let's list down a few successful and world-renowned platforms.


United State's eBay and Amazon, China's TaoBao and Alibaba, Singapore's Shopee and Lazada.


Nearly every physical item in the world can be found on those, from food to replicated luxury goods, from replicated luxury goods to human hair. All of those mediums deal with physical goods. Their way of functioning is almost close to perfect - the fast logistic teams, the friendly customer service executives, the bond between them and their customers.


But, there's still a slight flaw. There's something subtle missing within it. Something that could potentially help billions of people worldwide and boost the international economy. 


We couldn't find our "E-services" on the worlds' largest platforms!


Searching for 'Locksmiths' will only get you locksmith equipments, same goes for 'Janitor service', 'Chauffeur', et cetera. 

These SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) need to be collectivized on a special-made medium, it will be beneficial for both parties - the service provided and the service consumers.


When one is in need of a particular kind of service, one will get it through a few means, before BulkSG - he/she will need to search that specific service on different search engines like Google and Yahoo and check the reliability, credentials and reputation of that particular service he/she is in need of, through friends and online reviews.  Another method would be from words-of-mouths /advertisements.

"Given a hypothetical scenario, you lost your keys, you need a locksmith immediately."

1) For you: 


When doing so, you've got to go through so much trouble finding a reliable service provider - especially the integrity of the price and reviews, punctuality, professionalism and liability issues. So much time is wasted on irrelevant nonsense when you - yourself have to act as the middle agent.

2) For you* a relatively small-sized Locksmith:


You and your team don't have much knowledge or available capital to broadcast your service to wider audiences. Your rival - BestLockPicker Pte Ltd is your competitor - stealing your prospects, making it an exceptional struggle to survive in the lock-opening industry...  Just because of the advertising..

Your asking price is reasonable, leaning to the cheap side.

In the end, you went bankrupted. Because, hiring an agent for a double-digit service is absolutely ridiculous and is to the near-impossible side due to the extremely high charges.

With BulkSG, we'll ensure customers seeking the low-cost range locksmith will have a high possibility of choosing you. 

Here in BulkSG, we love a specific quote -

"a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business."


- Henry Ford.

We strongly believe that businesses that are only profit-oriented are bound to fail.

To stay in and maintain in the arena strong, an entity has to make lives more convenient for the general public than ever before. 

BulkSG Logo

"There're countless of these services in Singapore - they're like fishes swimming in a vast abyss-liked ocean. BulkSG wants to bring the fishes to you, in a comfortable tank, and line them up in accordance with your preferences. "


- Your Friend at BulkSG

Introducing - The Bulk Magazine...

The Bulk Magazine AKA The Bulk is a not-for-profit online publication in partnership with BulkSG. 

The online articles and videos will be made accessible to everyone in every corner of the world.

We strongly believe in the joy of sharing knowledge. 

Our promise: The Bulk Magazine will not be baised on a position so to promote and generate revenues for BulkSG. 

Nevertheless, one of the purpose for our own publication is to promote our brand and gain brand awareness.


For instance, it's like an initiative to farther assist our key partners and clients - to reach out to more people in need of our service and maintain the Bulk ecosystem.


"What will we be sharing?"


We will be sharing anything from ancient Athenian philosophies to the arts of craftsmanship in watch-making to healthcare remedies.

These articles will be made by professionals from their respective industry/field. 

The frequency of our publication has yet to be decided at this point in time.


To subscribe for free, simply type in the email address you intend us to send the publication to. We have yet to decide on the format for our publication.

The Bulk Alliance Group of Companies

The possibility of a start-up crashing is extremely high. Given that we've got a limited number of investors / employees and capital. We will not be able to reach our maximum potential.

The Bulk Alliance Group of Companies AKA TBA group is an yet to register conglomerate firm based in South-East Asia.

If there're demands for our service in BulkSG we'll definitely be able to launch TBA group in the coming years. If the odds are in our favor, the collectivised vision for TBA group is that it'll be enhancing the world through rounds of fundings.

Vision and Philosophy

A lot of people and companies have philosophies and visions.

But we believe in the power of experiencing and failing - and learning from them.

People who have philosophies - don't have life. People who have life - don't have philosophies.

We do the best we can at our current moment, and we believe that success will manifest in many forms - not necessary financially.

 - Lw,

Your Buddy At BulkSG