The Bulk Magazine

The Bulk... Magazine

The Bulk Magazine was an initiative started by BulkSG.

At the very beginning, the thought of using The Bulk Magazine as a medium for publicity for our clients' brands raced through our heads.

After scrutinizing every single detail of our business model and thinking through and through, we made the ultimate self-realization - using it as a creative way to attract potential clients is somewhat futile, it doesn't go in accordance to the initial vision our company had.

The vision was not be so profit-oriented as other E-commerce businesses, the specific quote we followed was made by Henry Ford - quoting directly, "A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business."

Now, we want to publish online articles for free - no cost at all because we believe knowledge is a joy to be shared.

We will be publishing discourses-turned articles into magazine series for everyone in the world. It will range from the basic introduction of Athenian Philosophies to the craftsmanship behind fine watches to Healthcare remedies, Etc,.

Every of our magazine series will be made by a professional in his/her respective field of work. We strongly believe the integrity of the data is extremely important.

We have yet to come to the conclusion on when will be the first series of The Bulk Magazine.

Enthusiastically, we say - soon.

Stay tune Bulkers,

- Your Friend At BulkSG

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