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BulkSG partners reputable wholesale companies that make quality goods from scratch. In BulkSG, nothing is bought, all is built.

By gaining a good relationship with wholesalers, we are able to provide customers with unbeatable price! Price that no companies in Singapore ever dares to offer!

Why should you buy from us?


First, we use environmental-green PCBA (Printed Board Circuit-Assembly).


Second, High standards mold of connectors, makes perfect connection. Our Iphone cables can be used for charging and data sync purposes. LauWholeSale's good and durable cables improves wear-resistance and durability. 6 months warranty! (We use thirty 0.08 tinned copper wires in our cables , to enhance performance)


Third, universally-functionable - Laptops, mobile phones, speakers, power bank, etc,. And of course, data transfer and fast charging for Iphones.


Fourth, 50% of our profit goes to charity using Lau Foundation Program (LFP).

Iphone Cable for Charging and Data-transfer

SKU: Laugers 000002
  • The product "Iphone Cable for charging and data-transfer" comes with a 6 months warranty.