The world's first oF2o (Offline to Online) platform powered by customers' preferences that rewards everyone.




(Bulkersingapore Coin - Tokenized)


Version: 1.00



The world's first oF2o (Offline to Online) platform powered by customers' preferences that rewards everyone.

Headquartered in Singapore, BulkSG is an ordinary E-commerce site powered and run by extraordinary system that is planned to reveal itself as a main online shopping platform in SEA (South-East Asia) by the next 10 years.

BulkSG is also planned to eventually reveal itself as a primary online platform in Singapore over 3 years of strategic planning and managment.

It will achieve it's goal by using it's unique targeted rewards system based off customers' preferences combined with Of2o (Offline to Online) 'customer-paid advertising'.

The rest of this document provides our business strategies and self-governing corporate model so that our long term goal will be driven stably in the BulkSG ecosystem with our core-values in placed.


Mobile-friendly shopping experience

Problem : Up to 85% of online shoppers purchase from mobile.

Solution : BulkSG is optimized to support both desktop and mobile to enhance user experience.

Clean and clear navigation.

Problem : 68% of online shoppers abandon cart due to poor navigation.

Solution : 2 links directed to our online page is available on our home page - 1 on the top right, 1 in the bottom footer.

Every detail is well-doned.

Guest shopping.

Problem : 26.5% of customers get frustrated when forced to create an account.

Solution : BulkSG implemented guest checkout. Anyone can buy from us.

Clear guarantee and return policy.

Problem : 95% of shoppers say a good return policy process builds loyalty.

Solution : BulkSG is clear and straight-forward - especially in sectors the return policy, warranty, ETC,.

Customers REVIEWS.

Problem : 55% of the shoppers say reviews will influence their buying decision.

Solution : BulkSG has the ability to change reviews given to us - the term "review" to "words of mouth" passed on to the next customer.

Statistics proved that the pain-point to convert physical shoppers to online shoppers is that people can't "know" and trust the "fake digital" products appearing on their screens.

60% of online shoppers prefer to shop in stores because they can "touch and feel the real product".

BulkSG let customers feel, touch and do whatever they like to the products using our Of2o system, and then pass on the words of mouth reviews to the next customers.

Using our affiliate program, customer can earn $1 SGD per buyer recommended to us.


Problem : 60% of shoppers abandon cart due to hidden fees.

Solution : "Only less, No more." 

The product price customers see on the items page are all finalized with tax, shipment, ETC,. Additional charges does not exist.

The prices will only be lower as of our special reward scheme. 



Crypto-Based Investment Scheme (CBIS)

#SGB, also known as "Bulkersingapore Coin" is a type of ERC-20 tokenized cryptocurrency.

#SGB is a decentralized token that is made to fund BulkSG by offering some of it's token to selective investors.

#SGB can be sent from token holders to token holders and token holders to non-token holders on the peer to peer (P2P) BulkSG network without the need of intermediaries.

#SGB is currently verified by Ethereum and is currently using Ethereum's blockchain system due to it's reputation in wide selection of mining speed, wide accessibility (Webpage, IOS, Andriod, ETC,.) and the low cost of $0,20/- USD per transaction.


      Initial Coin Offering (1)

        ICO (1)


70k SGD


 (   closed      )

26.125%, 209 units of 800 units #SGB will be offered to selective investors to generate a sum of 70000 SGD as fundings for BulkSG.

Profit made by BulkSG will be added into the 26.123% of 209 units of #SGD and be splited equally among the 209 units of  #SGB.

Thus, resulting in a rise of an individual token.


Risk Managment of #SGB 

What is special about #SGB is how self-governable and how stable the token is.

Using our Bulk Map, every big decision we make comes from small "trial accomplishments".

 1). BulkSG do not take unnecessary risk.

Even if we do fail, the price per token will not decrease by 20% or more.

 2). BulkSG's merchandise are physical goods (consumer electronics) that are of high quality and below market price. In order to be selling at the cheapest rate in the whole of Singapore, BulkSG forge good relationships with wholesalers around the world so to let customers experience an unbeatable price. In worst case scenario (which likely would not happen) BulkSG will display the unsold merchandise in shops like "Box Boss" - a company that rent spaces to people who wants to display goods / sell goods to the public in a shop within high-traffic areas with a rental fee of no more than 250 SGD per month.


Comparison of Bitcoin and #SGB


Dangerously volatile as Bitcoin is a fully-digital currency that has it's value is determined by the market.



Self-governance. Value is independently determined on the sales.

No risk - physical products, at most an extension of selling period.

We said we are going to reinvent the way people shop online..

But how?

Rewards System

1).  Any purchase made on BulkSG's online shop above the base amount $5 SGD will be equipped with a free amount of 0.1 #SGB token transacted to their Bulk Account.

Guest checkout is exempted.

Customer will only get the amount 0.1 #SGB token account topped up after BulkSG receives a typed-email addressing they would like to participate in this scheme.

For 9 purchases of items above $5, using the same account, 0.9 #SGB also equals to $9 SGD will be the limit for the first round of 1-9 purchase - it will act like a $9 voucher, the rest customer will have to add accordingly as of the items customer prefers. The rounds are unlimited.

*The 73.8% of the remaining 591 tokens will have different value, will be converting again to have a fair rate.* ICO (2)

2). Affiliate Program - our most popular item - 10000mAH power bank will issue a cash-back for customers that has recommend a buyer to us.

To validate, customers will have to go to the tabs in the menu, which shows "Invite Friends" and then input the number of units and the email address their friends used to purchase.

Site admin will validate and get the money transferred within 24hours (usually).

This Affliate Program lets anyone participate.

The cash back is $1 SGD per customer recommended to us by the previous.

3). Targeted reward system powered by customers' preferences.

After the checkout process, customer will be directed to a page filled with codes whereby they can choose it according to the base colour of the code. (The codes are still not viewable and are censored with a question mark.) Once customer confirmed a colour and clicked the "Submit" button they will be directed to another page whereby we will list all the product code visibly for the customer.

4). a - oF2o giving out $1 SGD coupon to encourage purchases online.

     b - Free overnight delivery is a type of reward. All our items will be included.

5). BulkSG is currently offering products at the cheapest rate in the whole of Singapore, both online and offline.

The rise and fall of #SGB

Our token in a nutshell






+2.144 SGD

335 sgd *4


- $13.160 SGD

The graph shown above is a risk managed token on the long run.

For a clearer understanding the graph is split accordingly into 4 sections as labeled above - A1, A2, A3 and A4+.

A1 will be the official start for both BulkSG and #SGB, $2750 SGD will be spent to purchase merchandise necessary for the sale. As per the graph, a downfall in the price per token will be observed. A downfall of 3.92857% or $13.160 SGD, per token. After so, a "grace period" - whereby the price will stay neutral to the previous as caused by the shipment time for goods to arrive, time for BulkSG to complete the sale, ETC,.

Followed by the "grace period", a rise of 0.64% or $2.144 SGD per token, will be observed.

Take note: The first rise has already pass the initial token price, resulting in per token costing $337.144 SGD.

A2 is followed continuously by A1's progress. After which immediately a drop will be observed due to round 2 of purchasing merchandise for BulkSG. (Percentage of earning cannot be predicted due to it's complexity in different aspects, such as the number of merchandise to-be purchased will be based off round 1 (A1)'s experience / leftover stock and the requirements for restocking.)

Take note: Dotted line (a) - The earnings will always pill up and increase from. (Compare A1 and A2.)

                  Dotted line (b) - Initial token price well-maintained.


                  Dotted line (c) - The colour red is highlighted on A2's downfall line for easier viewing. Dotted line C is to prove the downfall line will never touch horizontally. A few more rounds purchasing merchandise will put absolute no risks for token holders as profit generated by the tokens can already support the cost due to the low cost of merchandise.

A3 might or might not be added in. A3 is basically meant for advertisements to spread further brand awareness and to patch up BulkSG's service, such as - making a mobile application for IOS, Andriod, ETC, advertising on social media platforms or places where impression will be created such as - Youtube, Instagram, ETC, advertising to companies for bulk orders and to be used for research in areas like augmented reality and artificial intelligence to enhance customers' experience.

A4+ will be the reenacted scene of A2 and A4+, skipping A2. Huge returns will be directly observed.




                Bulk Map

                 (Start)    Singapore


Started BulkSG


Started #SGB


-3000 SGD from #SGB to purchase stocks for BulkSG (R1.s)


oF2o advertising. R1


-300 SGD from #SGB to order sample and check.

Getting Funds


oF2o advertising. R2


oF2o advertising. R3

After  selling. (R1.s)

#SGB rise in value

-100 SGD from #SGB to start public advertising campaign.

Restart process from Black to Green line, accordingly with performance.

#SGB rise in value

1 months and 1 day

1 month estimated (+shipment)

1.5 months estimated (+shipment)

1 week estimated

1.5 weeks estimated


1-3 months

When it is in round 3, customers from previous rounds will join in the sales,

resulting in an unpredictable rise.


      Initial Coin Offering (2)

        ICO (1)





ICO (2)


Valued at 5910 SGD

70 000K SGD

209 tokens bought over by selective investors will stay enclosed while making the other 591 tokens a 100% supply to be used in a reward scheme which makes up Initial Coin Offering part 2.

Each token is worth 10 SGD. Tokens will be usually offered to customers in the form of "0.1". 0.1 #SGB equals to 1 SGD. 

#SGB's ICO (2) token differs from ICO (1)'s token value. #SGB will be running 2 forms of token under it's name - ICO (1) are meant for investors while ICO (2) are used as a form of reward-based scheme to increase BulkSG's revenue.


We will be expanding aggressively into South-East Asia region.

Thank You.